Welcome to Small Farm Beef.

Welcome to Small Farm Beef.

Welcome to Small Farm Beef.Welcome to Small Farm Beef.Welcome to Small Farm Beef.

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About Us


J&R Stable and Farm

  Russ and Julie Durling started their farm in 2003. They live on the farm in their large family friendly farmhouse. They ride and train their trail horses and maintain a small flock of chickens. They began raising all natural beef in 2006 and are committed to the ethics of raising high quality beef steers in a stress free environment.



The Beef Steers

 Our beef steers are raised on grass and hay with a supplement of home mixed grains. They are never given  hormones, limiters or enhancers. They are never fed fish or animal proteins. They receive their vaccines when they are weaned and do not ever receive anything additional. 



Our butcher is USDA inspected and our meat is custom cut. All our Beef Sides are hung in the chiller for at least 15 days. This allows the meat to relax and for the flavors to develop. All our beef is vacuum sealed and flash frozen as soon as it is cut.

Beef Syndicates

Please call 256 679 2865 to check availability and to order

About our Beef


About Our Beef

Nearly all our animals are Black Angus/Hereford cross stock,  that said we do currently have a steer with a little Charolais in him. Russ always buys Weanling Steers from the local breeding farms around us, always bought direct, never from an auction lot. Russ knows the history of every animal we buy. We do not buy animals that have had antibiotics ever!!

We feed our own mixed all natural feed , plus grass & hay. Absolutely no limiters, no chemicals, no additives, no hormones, no steroids. No fish or animal proteins.

If an animal gets sick we try treat it with traditional remedies, if we have to use antibiotics to save an animals life, we will sell that animal at a Sale Barn auction as soon as its healthy. We encourage buyers to come and see our Steers and what we are trying to do here on the farm. 

We are trying to get the best meat we can from each of our animals. Our target is to go to the butcher at about 20-22 months old and about-1350+ lbs. This is when the best most tender & tastiest meat is to be obtained.




 When will my order arrive?

Orders for our Beef are typically shipped the following business day. We prefer to ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure you package is not imprisoned for the weekend. We can ship east coast orders on Thursday for Friday delivery. We will give you an estimated delivery date for your address when you place an order. We ship in purpose designed insulated shipping boxes with cold packs. So your order will still be nice and cold when you get home. No signature is required for delivery.

How will my beef be shipped?

Our steaks and roasts are individually vacuum sealed in high quality, airtight cryovac packages to lock in freshness and ensure a long shelf life in your freezer. Ground beef and patties are vacuum sealed in convenient, one pound packs. All are flash-frozen and packed in an insulated box with cold packs for delivery direct to your door. All of our beef is USDA inspected.

Do I need to be around the day my shipment arrives?

No, you will not need to be home to sign for your package. It will be packed to stay nice and cold for many hours after it arrives. That said, you should plan to unpack it and put it away in your freezer or fridge as soon as possible.  What happens to your package after it is confirmed as delivered by the carrier, is your responsibility.

Will I be able to track my delivery?

Yes, we provide your choice of delivery status updates via email or text message.


How much is shipping?

Our regular shipping is $13.99 no matter how much you buy, no matter where it ships (we ship everywhere in the lower 48 states.)

Do you offer Premium Shipping?

Yes if you just have to have your purchase as soon as possible please call us on 256 679 2865. We will gladly expedite your order and ship overnight. 

Actual handling and shipping costs will apply.


Because this is frozen produce there can be no returns. If there is a problem with your order, photograph everything, the box and the  box contents just as they came out of the box. Phone us on 256 679 2865 and email the photos to sales@smallfarmbeef.com.  We will do our best to put it right.





Angela R H  
Love this beef! No hormones.

Bill G

Best beef I've ever eaten. 

 Alicia McD

 Great beef without all the hormones. 

Frequently Asked Questions



Are you certified organic?

No we are not "certified". We do however practice sensible animal husbandry, keeping animals in a healthy open environment and actively managing their welfare. Our Beef Steers have a mix of pasture and woodland to roam in, the pasture provides sustenance and the woodland provides damp places to roll and cool shade to rest in.

How do you ethically treat beef?

With no confined spaces, open pastures, shady woodland and lots of sunshine. We allow our small herd of steers to freely wander over their half of the farm.  We pride ourselves on humanely treating our animals.

What happens when your animals go to slaughter?

Our animals go to the butcher by appointment, Russ stays with them through to the end so that they do not get stressed or fearful.

How much beef do I get?

You pick the exact cuts you want, and buy as little or as much as you want. No surprises!


Is the beef "grass-fed"?

Our Beef Steers are pasture fed but they also receive a daily supplemental feed, which we mix ourselves, to ensure that they have all the needed nutrition to support their growth.


Will it fit in my freezer?

Most people order 5 to 10 lbs at a time and have no trouble fitting that into the available freezer space of an ordinary home refrigerator.


Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.


Why do you need my email?

Since our small quantities tend to sell quickly, we are after all a small farm, and many of our customers have their favorites, we would like to give you a heads up by email when we are bringing home another steer.


What kind of farms do you work with?

We source 100% of our beef calves from independent local farms -- never from auction houses. 

What is the fat content of the ground beef?

Our hamburger is about 85/15. This is ground beef from animals who are raised to produce steaks and which has been allowed to hang in the chiller and relax.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged when your order is processed. All the beef shown on the website is in stock and immediately available.


Is my credit card secure?

Yes. We use PayPal for payment processing. They store your credit card information and are fully PCI-compliant.


What exactly will be in my order?

You'll receive the cuts and portions described in each of your selection's descriptions, however individual package weights may vary, since the weight of each animal and preparation may result in slight variances.

Why do you photograph your meat after it is frozen?

We want our customers to know exactly what they are buying. We photograph what we are sending to you. No surprises!


What if I still have questions?

We're happy to help. Please email sales@smallfarmbeef.com or send a text message to (256) 679 2865


Do you offer delivery?

Currently we can only offer delivery in the 35757 & 35758 zip codes. 

We do offer free collection from J&R Stables&Farm by appointment or from Last Resort Guns in Madison also by appointment.

Can I visit the Farm?

Yes with an appointment. Contact us for scheduling. ​

Where is the Farm located?

In Madison county, East of the I65  just off Hwy53 some 12 miles southeast of Ardmore Alabama.

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